Friday, January 21, 2011

Week in review..

Our eating was excellent this week and I am hoping for some good numbers on the scale tomorrow. I fit into some of my pre-pregnancy dress pants this week, so I am pretty psyched.

I am not working out tonight. honestly I just REALLY don't feel like it. But I did workout Tuesday-Thursday and will do a long workout tomorrow. We had homemade chicken burritos tonight and they were FABULOUS. I needed something really good because I felt a major desire to cheat coming on.

I did cheat with coffee this week. I caved and got a Dunks iced on Wednesday. Wednesday is my late day at work where kids stay after for extra help. An extra hour and a half of kids can be torturous and  I was totally dragging. I have been so good about not getting any and making everything at home. I think I need a Keurig at work.

I will report in tomorrow about my weigh in. My short term goal is to be at 145 by Charlotte's baptism on Feb 20. That would make me happy, but if I have a weigh in like last week (where I didn't lose a stinken pound) I am not sure if it will happen. Send some skinny vibes my way.

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