Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Oh to be 14..

One of my students had an interesting comment today..

We were talking about having children (after school) and she mentioned that she wanted two kids.

I told her to wait a looooong time until she was good and ready and had a supportive and stable partner.

After some small talk I mentioned to her that having a baby can change your body and if you want to wear your small bikinis you should remember that.

She said "oh, I plan to have my babies cut out (c-section) so my body doesn't get all messed up."

ahhhhh, the teenage mind. If only a c-section would solve the giant growing stomach side effects. I am sure all of the c-sections mamas out there are sporting thong bikinis.

Anyhow, on a positive stomach is shrinking. I had a great workout tonight. 20 minutes on the elliptical and 7, 2 minute circuits. I am feeling good and am glad I made it through my two hard/ late work days.

I am really hoping that the scale is nice to me when I weigh myself this weekend. I do feel like my pants are fitting better.

I guess since I wasn't 'lucky' enough to have a c-section I will have to workout before bikini season. Ha.

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