Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Skinny soccer mom with thighs that don't touch

Okay, I have this crazy image in my head. I have been seeing this image for many years now. I imagine myself at my kids soccer practice. I have on casual clothes. Shorts with a slightly tight t-shirt. My hair is in a pony tail and I am tan. I am standing there, watching my kid(s) play soccer. I have a dunkin donuts coffee in my hand and I am smiling.
Why does this matter???
The most important and relevant part of this image is that I am in VERY good shape. My thighs to do touch in this image. I have muscular, toned legs. I have good posture. I have energy and I carry myself with confidence. This is how I want to look when I cart my kids around town. This is the soccer mom I want to be and when I see other moms who look like this...they are my motivation.

So here is what I did today to get there:

After dinner I did 15 minutes on the elliptical and then went downstairs for another circuit workout. I did something similar to yesterday, except I did obliques, jump rope and more arms.

My bad choice of the day was walking into the teachers lounge (I usually never go in there, but I needed a spoon for my lunch) and eating 2 choculate chip cookies that the PTO made. I did it without even thinking. I was p/o's at myself because I didn't even really want them.

Mike does not have boxing tomorrow so I am hoping to do a nice long workout when I get home. I am really going to have to be motivated because I have kids after school tomorrow for extra help, which usually leads to increased exhaustion.

I am just going to keep thinking SKINNY SOCCER MOM!!!!!

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