Saturday, January 8, 2011

Down 4lbs...

Weigh in this morning was 151. When I started 2 weeks ago I was at 155. I am pleased with 2 lbs a week. AND now I am very motivated to dip below 150. I would love to be 149 by next weekend. I think that if I break into the 140's I will be enthused to keep going. I was in the 140's when I got pregnant with Charlotte and even though I think my ideal weight is 135, I am super excited to see the 140's again.

Last night I needed a Friday night treat, but I also wanted to be good, so I made a seafood stir fry on rice. It was pretty good. Mike and I watched a movie and had some microwave popcorn too. I was able to get on the elliptical for 30 minutes. I was psyched to get the kids down early. I was on the elliptical in time for TMZ. There is something about cheesy Hollywood gossip that really makes exercise go by fast.

By the way, the movie we rented was The American with George Clooney. It was boooooring and slow and I do not recommend it. It is one of those artsy films where you are supposed to get something from its deep meaning. Blah.

Tonight I am going to make whole wheat calzones stuffed with veggies and cheese. It isn't all that good for you, but better than caving to the weekend temptation of takeout. Plus Mike and I are planning a 12 round workout, so it will balance out.

Goal for this week: Workout every day and dip below 150!

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