Monday, January 17, 2011

Boxing as therapy and healthy eats.

Yup, punching the crap out of a bag is good therapy. When my husband insisted on putting up punching bags in the basement I was slightly annoyed. I figured it would just be one more thing that we were "going to use" and then never actually use.

Now that I am doing circuit training on a regular basis I have been using the bags for boxing and kick boxing sets and damn it feels good. I MIGHT have pictured a few ex-boyfriends and some old bosses while punching. I had wrist surgery years ago, and punching isn't something I can do with ease...but damn it feels good to get out some tension. I actually think punching things makes me a better mother....go figure, but you need to get your aggravation out somehow, right?

Anyhow....I had an okay long weekend. I spent a lot of time with the kiddos. My only regret is that I did not workout Saturday or I need to make up for that this week. I did do the elliptical for 20 and then 25 minutes of circuit work (with an arm/ oblique focus) tonight, so I am back on track.

On Sunday we watched the game (Pats/ Jets). Actually, I have not really been into sports since I had the kids. I guess after 4 years of not sleeping through the night, I just can't find the energy to follow much of anything. But is was a big game, so we made food and watched.

The big dilemma was that we really wanted a game time FUN and tasty meal..but we didn't want to be too bad. I thought and thought and here is what I came up with:

Muscles with tomatoes, olive oil and garlic
Greek Platter with: rye cracker chips, peppers, hummus, goat cheese and olives

We (even Liam) love muscles, so this was a good snack for us. It was all really good and we didn't feel guilty.

Here is a disgusting tid-bit of info.

One dozen buffalo wings with their blue cheese sauce have well over 1,000 calories and at least 75 grams of fat....and I am sure most people can eat more than 12.
Think about that before you pick your game time snack. That is before the beer or any other food you add into the equation.

This is why planning my meals a head is key. I can come up with healthy alternatives.

The annoying part about healthy/ clean eating is you have to go to the grocery store a lot. I go about 3x's per week for produce, etc. It is also expensive...but if you really add up what takeout can cost in a month, it is probably even more. I have no issue spending money on good/ healthy food.

Now here is my somewhat unhealthy cheat snack that I have indulged in this week:
Brighams decaf cappuccino frozen yogurt. YUMMMMM. This is seriously good stuff.

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