Sunday, January 30, 2011

Clean Eats

I have been commenting a lot on the fact that we are trying to follow the clean eating philosophy as much as possible. For the most part we have been very good about it. Really we have always cooked and shopped for healthy foods. The problem has always been our take out. Since we had our kids it was just way too easy to pick something up or go out to eat. So we totally reversed the positive effects of our good grocery trips by eating crap on the go.

Now that we seem to have that under control, I am doing more research and following of Clean eating.

I have used the clean eating magazine website for some time

The woman who is really the guru on this is Tosca Reno. I finally bought her book "The Clean-Eat Diet Recharged" and so far I really love it. I am not big on limiting yourself and I have always known that many small meals is the way to go. I totally agree with everything she says. If eating good, healthy food is important to you I really recommend reading her book.

I decided to take a picture of some of my groceries today, which I had out on the counter, so you could visualize some of what clean eating includes.

Just to highlight some of what is in the photo:

oat meal
flax seed
flank steak
ground turkey
whole wheat pasta
black beans and chick peas
blue berries
walnuts and almonds
skim mozzarella
eggs (those are from our own chickens, not the grocery store)
egg plant
ground bison meat (they sell this at Roche Bros.)
whole wheat bread
organic skim milk

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