Thursday, January 20, 2011


Whenever I have my students do reflective or journal writing I try to write my own entry to share with them, or to model. I had them create a list. They had to start with 10 things they liked about their personality and 10 things they like about their physical appearance. Then they had to do 5 things they dislike for each. This was HARD for me and for them, especially because the emphasis was on the good more than the bad. Here is my list:

What I like about my personality:
1. I am very independent. I have no issue traveling, living, eat or going to the movies alone and I have done all of this many times. It has helped me learn about who I am, and I feel it makes me a better wife.

2. I am a good read of people. I have a very good sense of what is good and bad about a person and what a person wants/ needs.

3. I have extreme patients with children, particularly teenagers and I rarely lose my cool, even when I have been pushed to my limits by kids.

4. I am usually pretty quiet and observant and people come to me to tell me things.

5. I am health conscious and try to revolve my life around this, even though I have had my times that I fall off track..all in all I am pretty good.

6. I have always been a bit of an old soul and I think I have a streak of wisdom that has been with me since I was 2 years old.

7. I am very even-tempered. I rarely over react and am usually the calm one in almost every stressful situation.

8. I am very attentive to my children and have no issue sacrificing if it will benefit them.

9. I am not materialistic at all and spend very little money on myself.

10. I am over the top resposible, always on time, rarely forgetful and I think people know this.

Things I do not like about my personality:

1. I can be unfairly judgemental, especially about how people raise their kids.

2. I procrasinate way too much when it comes to work.

3. I struggle with confidence in my professional life and constantly question my decisions.

4. I am too hard on my husband and I take things out on him too much.

5. I shut down in large groups/ crowds.

What I like about my physical appearance:

1. My upper body (shoulder/ neck area) because it always seems to look thin, even during pregnancy.
2. My height. I like that I am somewhat tall. It helps me look leaner.
3. My stomach: although it has some child bearing wear and tear..generally it is pretty toned and my waiste line has always been small.
4. My eyes: they are not all that spectacular...but I like that they can look either green or blue
5.My lips. I think full lips are important
6. My teeth. I have strong, straight, healthy teeth with no cavities.
7. My hands are small and thin and feminine.
8. My lower legs (calves and ankles). they are strong and long and usually pretty toned.
9. My chest. although I would have died to have a bigger chest when I was I am glad it is smaller. I think it makes me look thinner and there is less to damage after pregnancy and age.
10. My butt (this is something I have a love/ hate relationship). At times I wish it was smaller. But I like having a butt. It gives me some curves and I am glad it isn't flat.

Things I dislike about my physical appearance:
1. My feet. they are serioulsy hideous and big and stupid.
2. My thighs. they are my problem area and I gain a lot of my weight there.
3. My hair. I have struggled with my inbetween, puffy, always needs to be straightened, hates humidity hair for EVER. My hair especially hates living near the ocean
4. My nose. It has a French-Canadian slope on it and I hate that.
5. My butt (yes, i said I liked it before) because although I like it better than having a flat requires a lot of training to keep it from getting too big and I have to do a lot of squats.

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