Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Calorie Counting and Such...

So I always swore that I wouldn't turn into an OCD'd, calorie counting freak, but I might just need to.

I blogged before about my use of myfitnesspal.com. Both my husband and I have been using it. It is a calorie and exercise counter. Check it out!

I have been more aware of how much I eat and what my calorie intake is. It is a tricky balance to diet, exercise and breastfeed because you don't want to hurt your milk production. The website takes that into account as you track calories.

The other day we were out on the road with the kids and needed to feed Liam lunch so we stopped at D'Angelos. I got a chicken breast club sandwich. I really could have gone without it, and truly it wasn't very good. If we were at home I would have had something smaller. It had no mayo.

When I got home I looked up the nutritional information and my nasty, unfulfilling sandwich was well over 1,000 calories. This was for a small! I was so sad to waste so many calories on something I didn't even really want. If I was going to waste that many let it be on some cheesy, delicious Italian dish (or an entire bottle of wine).

This got my husband and I talking about calories. If I think about that one sandwich it makes me realize what I consumed on certain weekend nights. It wasn't unusual for us to get a pizza to split, or burritos, Chinese, etc. on a Saturday night. I don't even want to know how many calories are in that. YUCK.

So for now (until I reach my goals at least) I am counting away.

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  1. Caroline, I love the blog! When I was working at Lawrence, I struggled with my weight from 152-157lbs. Once I moved to MD in August I started honoring my body and health more. Exercising regularly and changes in my diet got me to 138 by New Years! But of course January has not been a good cardio month and I've gained 6lbs! So Monday I'm back on track and calorie counting also=) Thanks for the sharing! this blog is really inspirational.