Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Some exercise is better than none

My husband is SICKKK. Which, when you have 2 kids, is so inconvenient. I feel so bad for the guy..but secretly also feel bad for myself (I know, that's evil). It is just pretty tough to squeeze in exercise and do everything else that needs to be done.

So, because I needed exercise THAT bad, I drank some caffeinated tea when I got home and waited up until everyone was in bed. I put on a Jillian Michaels shred workout. I seriously HATE that lady, but she does know her crap. What I like about her is that she keeps you going and there isn't much transition time. She makes the most of the workout by keeping your heart rate up, and I believe that is the most effective.

Because the hubs was sick I didn't do much for dinner. I had tuna on wheat bread with tomato and low fat cheese. I also prepped my chick peas for tomorrow nights dinner. This is wheat pasta with chick peas, stewed tomatoes, mushrooms and garlic. I love when meals are planned a head of time.

I have not had any refined sugar or white flour since last weeks cookie slip up at school, and it feels good.

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