Saturday, February 26, 2011

I've emerged from bed...

The good news,
Even after our party I am weighing in at 141 lbs.

The bad news,
Having the stomach flu is probably why I weigh this much.

I was seriously ill. Thank the good Lord for my husband. It is moments like that where I just cannot imagine how single/ military mom's do it. My own mama was a military wife. My dad would go off on air craft carriers for months at a time. She had no family near by. I have no idea how she ever functioned when she got sick or even how she ever washed her hair. God bless the mamas who do it on their own.

Well I have reemerged and feel much better. last night I finally ate a real meal. It was nothing spectacular, but I was dying for comfort food.
I went with Trader Joes turkey meatballs
wheat rotini
tomato sauce (I call it cheat version of homemade)
and fat free ricota cheese (YUCK! I usually get the part skim version, which is sooo much better and worth the few grams of fat)

Want to know what "cheat" homemade tomato sauce is?

I get two can of organic diced tomatoes with herbs. Shaws has a nice orangic version that includes herbs.
I use a sauce pans to heat a little bit of EVOO (extra version olive oil for those who do not enjoy Rachel Ray). I usually just do one circle around the pan.
I add 3 cloves of pressed garlic to the EVOO. If I am out of fresh I use the frozen cubes of garlic I buy at Trader Joe's
I saute the garlic for about a minute or two.
Then I add the two cans of tomatoes. if I have it, or if I am in a cheesy mood, I add a 1/4 of Parmesan.
Sometimes I add extra fresh oregano

This is soo good if you like thin sauce with  chunks of tomato. I hate the canned sauce and I hate how processed it is and how much sugar is added (seriously, look at the carb content on Ragu)

Want to make it even cleaner. Use your own tomatoes and herbs. I only do this in the summer when I have a huge tomato garden and more time. Or use jarred tomatoes, which are better then canned.

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