Thursday, February 10, 2011

Survey Geek

I have been a bad blogger this week. Mostly because I have been disgustingly busy and the kids have been sick. Lately I feel like I am in survival mode, especially at work. I am just living for February vacation.

On a health note, I exercised Monday (cardio and weights) and Tuesday (cardio and pilates). But last night I had a huge amount of grading and tonight I have an awful cold, so no go on the workout. I am hoping to feel better tomorrow and do something. I did get a few pairs of new Yoga pants (my attire of choice) so I want to workout just to try them out. I have been doing pretty good on the eating front. I haven't broken the "clean" diet except with one Dunks Iced with splenda before a late meeting on Tuesday. But foodwise I did really well. I am probably going to weight myself this weekend (I skipped last week) and am hoping to have something good on the scale.

I follow several health and fitness message boards, and I completed this survey on one of the boards. Thought I would share:

What is your favorite exercise?
Well for an every day/ group class workout, Pilates. I love how it makes me feel. If it is a nice day nothing beats hiking..particularly in the Mountains of Montana, which I cannot wait to do for 2 weeks this summer.

What is your favorite healthy food?
I have so many. For a snack, almonds. For a meal, salmon or my vegetable and turkey lasagna. I am also currently digging goat cheese, almond milk and hard boiled eggs

What was the least healthy period of your life?
My first 2 years of college...think non-stop partying, vodka, beer, dominos pizza, horrible dining hall food and general abuse of my body. Luckily I had a fast metabolism and I always worked at gyms.

How about the healthiest period?
In terms of eating, I am currently eating the best I ever have in my life. I think I really get it this time and will continue with the life change. I worked out a lot and was in very good shape the year I lived in Boston, but I don't think I would call in healthy as I drank too much and stayed out way too late.

What do you find the hardest about exercise?
I LOVE exercise, but when you have small children and a full time job, just finding time and moments alone is the hardest. I just wish I had more time.

What do you love about it?
I love feeling the burn in my muscles and of course the high you get after a good workout. It really is the best mood booster. Plus it is nice to look in the mirror and know you have no regret.

If you could buy one piece of gym equipment and what would it be (if money was no object)?
An arch trainer FOR SURE. I love those things, but they are like 10 grand. Or maybe an olympic size pool.

Are you happy with your weight?
I am okay with it, but I know that my body is meant to be about 7-10 lbs lighter and I think if I was at my healthiest that is what I would weigh, so that is what I am aiming for.

If you were to give someone your top 2 pieces advice on health what would it be?
I am not sure I should be giving advice but...
You should seriously think about food that comes from a box and eating things with man-made ingredients. If you do your research you might learn how bad it is to eat so much of what Americans consider food.
And if you really want to be healthy and stay healthy you need to move your body.

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