Sunday, February 6, 2011

But it is the Superbowl....

Okay, so as much as I want to be the All-American girl who LOVES football..I really don't.
I mean I am all for a good sporting event. I love competition in most forms and I love to do physical things...but I just don't really love football. Before I had kids, and the laundry of 4 people, and 3 toilets to clean and the metabolism of a snail I used to like to watch games and eat my face off during Superbowl parties.

Now, most days that I have time to sit on the coach and do nothing, I am so exhausted and brain dead that I don't have the mental energy to follow a super long football game (or movie, or show).

So I really could care less about the Superbowl. Though the Blackeye Peas sort of make me want to get on my old black clubbing pants fom my Umass days and hit up a frat party.

I digress....

So although the Superbowl is on, to say I am 'watching' it is a stretch. Instead I worked out for an hour (elliptical and cross training with 2 minute circuits). This is the good decision I made today.However, I can rationalize away just about any bad decision I have ever here is today's ridiculous rationalization:

Since I would normally have eaten about 5,000 calories if I did love football, and was invited to a party, and did have a babysitter so I could go to that party...

This means I was allowed to break my clean eating rules and have a date with Mr. and Mr. Ben and Jerry. I didn't go all in. I went with Frozen Yogurt...but I ate the whole thing and it was damn good. Phishfood was my poison of choice.

A year ago I would have probably done some serious damage with a pizza and maybe some wings and perhaps a few beers (well not last year, because I was preggo...but you know what I'm saying). So in theory my cheating wasn't so bad (I told you I am the queen of rationalization).

Our dinner was pretty healthy. It was a mock seafood chowder recipe I got out of the latest Clean Eating Magazine. It has a vegetable base and was pretty good. I would post the recipe, but it had a ton of ingredients and I am lazy. I promise to do so later because if you love chowders..this is a great alternative.

So I did cheat but it could have been worse. Thank you Superbowl for giving me a great excuse to eat refined sugar.

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