Monday, February 28, 2011

The last of Fabulous in February

Thank you Hope for hosting fabulous in February and for your fun fashion photos for teachers. I have been posting 3 things I like about myself every Monday in February. It's hard to believe that February is over.

March is our crazy month. I turn 30 (YIKES), my husband turns 32 and my son turns 3!

So here are my last 3!

1. I like that I am in tune to people's feelings. I really try not to hurt people and I think I am good at recognizing when I need to go to my students who are feeling down.

2. I like that I was able to have 2 all natural childbirths. This was really important to me and many people told me I might not be able to do it. I never once faltered on this and never asked for drugs. It certainly wasn't easy, but in my heart-of-hearts I knew it was what was best thing to do and it was one time in my life where I really felt like I had accomplished something that meant a lot to me.

3. I like that I am conscientious. I want people to see me as someone who does well at whatever I am doing. I am currently taking a graduate course and I am always the first one to hand things in. I am not a slacker in anything that I do. (except maybe exercise :o).

Well, That was pretty good. I managed to come up with 12 things total. I guess I am not so bad. I might even be fabulous!


  1. Woah, drug free childbirth!?! You go girl!

  2. You ARE fabulous and don't you forget it! I didn't see your other 9 things (I wish I had) but just these three alone are enough to make you fabulous in my book. Two natural childbirths? Holy cow. You're my hero. I can't believe anyone would tell you that you couldn't do it. That's just not right!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  3. Oh, definitely fabulous! It was so great getting to know you through these posts, I'm so happy you participated!

    I totally agree that some educators can be narrow-minded and it NEVER fails to surprise me. Never, ever fails.

    Ok, I have to say it too: natural childbirth? You are a champ (not like I know first-hand, but I bet it's painful!)