Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pity Party Express

Well I am officially hosting a pity party for myself. My husband is still sick and now the baby has a fever and is miserable. I was up all night and it doesn't seem like there is an end in sight. I feel the worst for my son, who is fine but just so bored. We were supposed to go see some of my girlfriends today and go to a birthday party. I was so excited about the trip and now I am in a state of depression because we can't go. BOOOOOOHOOOOOOO.

Okay, pity party over.

I will say that I forgot to weigh myself this morning and I am thinking I will hold off, I don't need anything else that may piss me off. I guess the one positive of having to stay home is that I wont be tempted by all the food that comes with going to a party. I did cheat and get a dunks iced coffee with splenda this morning. I needed some kind of pick me up after I dragged my butt through Walgreens getting medicine and thermometers and such. I have stopped using artificial sweeteners in my coffee in the morning and using a little bit of honey instead (I just can't drink it black), but if I am getting Dunks it needs to be sweet.

For breakfast I made Spinach and Pepper Egg Wraps with cheese. It was good and I have been really working hard at not throwing away food, so this was a good way to use up veggies.
On the exercise front I did okay this week considering I was working double duty with the kids all week since Mike is sick. I had 3 workout in 5 days, 2 of which were 20 minutes on the elliptical and the 20 minute shred workout with Jillian Michaels (which is a lot of arms and cardio) and then 25 minutes on the elliptical another day and I just did some abs afterward. This was in no way the best workouts, but it was something.

I am planning to make 'clean' burritos tonight is anyone is healthy enough to eat.

This consists of:
brown rice (Trader Joes Organic, it's the BEST)
Plain Greek yogurt (in place of sour cream)
Part skim cheddar cheese
Black bean
and think strips of chicken in steam which I cook under the broiler with a little bit of sea salt, garlic and pepper
I am putting them on Ole's low carb wheat wraps (which have a great fiber count and are low cal)

Maybe my burritos will cheer me up.

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