Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Coconut black beans over warm Asian chicken salad.

Okay, I do realize that this has suddenly become a food blog, but when I come up with a new recipe I NEED to share.

Here is tonight's Dinner. I have no idea why I paired these two things. For some reason it just sounded good together, and it was.

The coconut black bean recipe was not my own. You can find it HERE. I did modify somewhat. I did not have whole chili's, so I added Cayenne pepper powder instead and I added extra Cumin and some Tamaric. I also used light coconut milk instead of the full fat stuff (canned Trader Joes). If I made it again I would use only about 8 ounces of the coconut milk instead of the whole can.

I did NOT add the mango and avocado because I knew I would put it on the salad.

Asian salad:
Sesame Seed oil
2 Chicken Breast
2 whole leeks
1 whole or 1 bag of white cabbage

-Heat about 1.5 tablespoons of sesame seed oil (cold pressed) in large skillet or stir fry pan
-Add in 2 cut up chicken breasts (I prefer them cut into strips) and brown until almost fully cooked
-Add 2 cut up leaks. I like to slice the leeks in half and then cut into 3 pieces. Add leeks to chicken and oil and stir until they appear soft.
Add 1 whole cut up white cabbage to the pan, along with 2 more splashes of sesame seed oil. I buy the precut/ prewashed organic bagged cabbage and use the whole bag.
Sir mixture for a few minutes until cabbage is lightly cooked, it should still be firm.

Divide salad onto plate then top with black bean mixture.

****If I made this again I would add cooked plantains to the black beans. Then it would have been PERFECT!

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