Friday, February 11, 2011

Fabulous in Feb.

Thanks to a blog I found on a friends page I am now participating in Fabulous in February. Check it out if you'd like to follow.

The idea is to focus on a positive month, and God knows I can use lots of positive vibes. So the first mission is to write 3 positive comments about ones self. So, here it goes:

1. I like that I am tough. I am pretty sarcastic and quick and it takes a mountain to move me. It is rare that I overreact and most people do not challenge me, this is especially helpful in working with 14 year olds.

2. I like that I am a guys girl. I could always party with the boys and I think that many of the guys in my life have come to me for things because of my laid back personality.

3. I am a good teacher. The kids typically like and respect me and they learn from me. I am not one of those teachers that the kids walk all over but I am also not one who needs power for the sake of having it. I try to see the good in each child and let them know that I have expectations of them, but that I will also help. I always apologize to them when I am wrong.

-How's that for positive? :o)

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