Friday, July 13, 2012

2 month postpartum body update

One month after baby vs. there a difference?

My one month post can be found HERE
and my one week measurements are HERE.

I am pretty much wearing the same outfit, the tank top is the same size and style but a different color.

                Two Months                                       One Month



So what's the verdict? The only picture I notice a difference in is the first. My belly has improved some (which makes sense) and my rib cage looks smaller to me. Both the side and back view are about the same...but I will take the belly improvement
Here are the stats:

One Week Measurements
Two Months Measurements
Net Loss
High waist
Waist (at belly button)
Right upper thigh
150 (at 1 month)
So the good news is that I am shrinking (slowly but surely). The bad news is that my body seems to want to hold on to this weight. I can't help but be frustrated with that, but as past experience has taught me, it will come off and loosing weight while nursing is a tricky game of balance.
So what are my current goals?:
1. Build muscles and get stronger: I figure if I keep lifting and taking my new fitness class then I have to burn fat and eventually the scale will have to show it.
2. Run more (self-explanatory and necessary for the Diva Dash)
3. Track calories when I can to be sure I am eating enough for my activity level (this has been hard but I am not sure I cannot totally stop doing it)
4. Get up earlier: I do better when I wake up by 5am. The baby makes this hard but it is getting closer to possible.
So I will check back in, in one month. Here's to hoping the scale decides to be my friend.


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