Friday, July 20, 2012

Healthy(ish) camping

I am ALL about making memories with my family. Anyone who went on family trips as a kid has to have dozens of happy memories bonding with their family. Even though our oldest child is only 4, he has already been on many little and big adventures and I pray that some of the memories will stick with him for a life time.

Right now we are camping for 3 nights and honestly are having the best time. Packing for and camping with babies and toddlers is hectic, but if you are laid back enough and know how to let things go then it can be great.

Sometimes it is okay to have smores for dinner or 2 ice creams in one day, or to stay up late, or blow a whoopie cushion at innocent pedestrians as you drive through the campground.

But I am not a spring chicken anymore and I really cannot get away with sitting on my butt for
4 days and eating nothing but crap. So what have I done differently to help make this a slightly healthier camping trip?

1. I worked out hard right before I left.
I got up at 4:30 and attended a group fitness class to whip my muscles into gear before a long car ride.
2. I packed good snacks like this:

3. I bought healthier alternatives to our fave camping dinners. Think spinach feta chicken sausages instead of hot dogs, whole wheat buns, grilled veggies and veggie burgers

4. When it is hard to eat your normal veggie amounts you can drink them

5. And I am seizing the moment to exercise: I just completed a 30 minute cardio blast interval workout by timing thirty sec and one minute sets of exercises like-

Stepups on the picnic table

Abs using random campsite items

Planks on a beach towel

And lots of walking lunges and planks up a hill on our site

This mixed with burpees, jumping jacks and bear crawls did the trick. Sure it was only 30 min but I was a sweaty mess.

I had no set workout plan but I seized to moment when this happened

That would be 2 sleepy little girls taking an hour long tent nap while their daddy and brother went fishing. Carpe Diem

So now I off to make more memories my kiddos won't forget,,,,like this:

A nice balance between healthy and happy makes for the perfect trip!

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  1. Have fun! Your menu sounds delicious!

  2. i love the camp ground workout. Very creative and fun. Cheers friend!