This life of mine...

My name is Caroline.

I work in a resort/ Summer town in Massachusetts as an 8th grade teacher. I have a husband of 5 years and a son (4) and two daughters (2 years old and baby). I work full time (except during the summer) and my husband works part time and is a stay at home dad during my work day.

We are wannnabe farmers and we have a flock of chickens, a black lab named Cowboy, a cat named Frankie and we like to grow/ produce some of our own food.

As it says in my description, we are pretty simple people living a drama free life and trying to be good parents and good people. Because we typically work reverse shifts, things are not easy...financially, socially and personally BUT we know that we are doing the best we can for our kids.

I started this blog to hold myself accountable. After having kids, we were both finding it easy to use our busy life and stress as an excuse to slack off on being healthy. After having our second child and making some major life changes, like giving up a construction business that was literally driving us CRAZY, we finally decided that enough was enough and that we needed to put our health and happiness above all else.

I think my blog is a recording of my experiences with clean eating, exercise and lifting, raising babies in a healthy environment and just making it as a 30 something, middle class family that struggles to get by.

Thanks for reading and I hope I don't totally bore you. I am trying to be a better blogger and perhaps a few people out there can relate to what I have to say.