Sunday, November 27, 2011

I must stop eating

My eating was out of control the last few day. I am hungry all the time and I need to get my crap under control. As much as I would love to be a stay at home mom, I would most certainly have trouble keeping my self out of the fridge. I need a schedule to maintain my healthy eating patterns.

Today I made a major Trader Joes trip and scheduled my meal plan for the week. So if I stick to it and stop grazing, I will be good.

here's a brief outline for the week:
Tonight: large Greek salad with lots of veggies and almond slices
Tomorrow: Spinach and mozzarella stuffed turkey loaf over caper and lemon brown rice
Tuesday: Seafood stir fry with wheat lo-mein and broccoli
Wednesday- Turkey meatballs over homemade tomato/ veggie sauce over pasta
Thursday: Lemon pepper chicken over quinoa with peppered Brussel sprouts
Friday: Burritos with chicken, tomatoes, cheddar, black beans and avocado on lo carb wraps
Saturday- Pizza from our favorite pizza joint, because I can't be THAT good while I have hormones ragging!

I'd like to believe the baby is having a growth spurt, but I think I am just looking for an excuse to keep eating.

At least I went to the gym a lot this week. That's one thing to feel good about. I simply cannot go without meal planning's a disaster waiting to happen.

I'm 16 weeks preggo this week and other than my over-eating, I am feeling good. Sometimes though, I'd really love a nap. I remember when I was pregs with my first child and I could nap all freaking weekend. I haven't had a nap (other than one that was a remedy for a migraine) in years. I miss sleep. Sleep is glorious And on that note I am off to bed at 8pm because I am old, sleep-deprived, pregnant and I must go to the gym in the morning.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

If I could just live life like my Grandma...

The big eating festivus has come to an end. I ate a lot. I cooked a ton. My back and feet ache and I just had a second piece of pie.

Yup, another Thanksgiving come and gone. Thanksgiving has aways been a special time for my husband and I. He proposed to me on Thanksgiving night six years ago. It is hard to believe that much time has come and gone, but in other ways it seems like the two people who were dancing in the kitchen of their first apartment when he proposed, are now strangers. We have done soooo much since that night- moved two times, built a house, got out of a crappy business, gained and lost weight, had a fabulous wedding, had two (almost three) babies, lost a beloved dog and got another one, worked a lot, cried some, laughed tons...

Yup life has been an adventure. Today he looked at me and said "I bet you didn't know what you were in for when you said yes that night." And he is right, I had no idea, but for the most part I have been pleasantly surprised. I really can't even relate to that 25 year old girl, standing in the kitchen, who truly had no idea what life would bring her.

Aside from the memories of that night, my other major reason for loving holidays is getting to listen to my family members: their stories and interactions and the way they adore my children.

My grandmother (my mother's mother) is one of my favorite people on this planet. Many people who know me don't even know that I lived with my grandparents for several years and they really were parents to me in every sense of the word. Because of that, we have a very special bond.

My grandmother is the most positive person I have ever met. She is kind, gentle, happy and she loves unconditionally.

I over-heard her talking today. Someone asked her if she just started chemotherapy. My grandmothers reply was that she had been receiving treatments since she was 38 years old (she is now in her late 70's) for her terrible rheumatoid arthritis. I sort of knew this already, but hearing her say it was like a stab to my heart. I know what terrible pain and horrible treatments she has gone through for nearly half her life!

It's hard to imagine. And her pain doesn't end there. As a mother of two (yes two) sets of twins, plus a single, she lost a child when he was two years old. A pain I can't even pretend to know. And in the past few years she started to go blind and cannot see very much at all.

But here's the thing. This woman loves life. I have lived with her, and had thousands of conversations with her and I have never once heard her complain about her life, her pain, or really anything. She is in terrible amounts of pain at times, but never seems to mention it. In fact, not that long ago I asked her how it was to to through chemo treatments and her reply was "well your grandpa always takes me to Dunkin Donuts afterward and I get a juice and two other treats!" Talk about looking on the bright side. So many people could learn something from her about taking things in stride and focusing on what really matters to get you through.

She does everything she can to stay alive and healthy, including swimming every chance she gets and exercising regularly, because, as she say.."I am just not ready to die yet, I love my life."

I happen to be around some not so positive people on a regular basis and it is all too easy to get sucked into the negative talk of what I refer to as "doom and gloom" people. Being around my grandmother reminds me that your attitude towards life can make or break your own happiness and can even determine how long you live. It also reminds me what I should listen to and what I should let go in one ear and out the other when talking to older people about life.

I can only hope and pray that I can live this way as I age and things become harder physically.

So today I am thankful for my life, my husband and my grandmother..who is an excellent role model.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanks and Thanksgiving

I have been blogger MIA lately. I have a few reasons: I haven't had much to say, my kids are seemingly more crazy lately, I have been preparing for the holiday and I have been teaching myself to knit, which has taken up some of my couch time.

Not much has been going on here. I had a doctors appointment on Monday and they officially readjusted my due date to May 11, putting me at 15 weeks. I ate a lot of crap this week, and am hoping to redeem myself next week, which will be hard with the holiday.

I had a decent workout week with 4 days at the gym and a few good workouts where I was even able to up some of my weight because I was feeling so good.

Today my mom and sister came down and took the kids out for the day while I went shopping. I am hosting Thanksgiving at my house this year. I really do love to cook and do not mind hosting at all, in fact I love it...however, it takes some serious prep. I have a lot of people bringing dishes, which helps. I find that the hardest part is trying to cook everything at the right time with only one oven.

I also got almost all of the kids Christmas shopping done and I am done with my nieces and nephews, and it's not even December! Wohooooo. Thank you Mama and Little Sis, I could have never done it without you.

The main things I am cooking this year are:
The turkey (obviously)
Homemade Cranberry-orange sauce
Whipped banana and honey sweet potatoes, recipe found here
Red Bliss Garlic and Chive Mashed Potatoes
Homemade Green Bean Casserole, recipe doubled and found here
Crockpot spinach and artichoke Dip
Homemade sweet roles with honey butter
Pumpkin Pecan Pie and Apple Pie

All the other stuff is being brought by a family member. I am praying I didn't forget anything.

I do like to spend a bit of time thinking about what I am thankful for during this busy time of year. I know it is on most people's minds and I have seen it talked about on many a blog and Facebook post. So in the tradition of giving thanks, here is my top ten list of what I am thankful for.

1. My health and the health of my family. Every time I log onto Facebook or every other day in real life, I hear of another friend/ acquaintance with a sick child or family member. I have had healthy pregnancies, healthy babies and my husband and I have no real health issues. Thank you God!

2. My job and the people I work with. I have been employed by a public school district since the year I graduated college and have never been without a job. I make a good salary, have good benefits and I work with many supportive, funny and generally wonderful people.

3. My mother. She is so supportive, loving and is always there when we need her. She has helped us financially and in every other way. I love that she is still young and has energy to do fun things with her grandkids.

4. My house. I sometimes take this for granted, but I really do have a beautiful house. It is comfortable and custom made for us (thank you husband) and it is pretty amazing to own something that someone you love made.

5. Summers with my kids. It is super hard to go to work everyday and leave my babies behind...but having a whole summer on the beach with them makes it much easier.

6. Getting to educate young people. I feel so fortunate to have a job that matters and to get to be a part of the lives of so many wonderful young people. It isn't easy, but it is meaningful.

7. A husband who loves his family. It seems like it is how it should be, but I hear about a lot of women who are married to men who would rather be doing many other things rather than spend time with their family. My husband and I like each other as much as we love each other and he likes to be with us.

8. A beautiful place and fun family to visit. My dad lives in a beautiful part of Montana and going to visit him and his lovely wife is the highlight of our summer. It is a fun, carefree trip where we can focus on family and the outdoors and my dad always makes it a great time.

9. My ability to have children. I know many woman who have struggled with fertility/ getting pregnant. I had some points in my life where I thought it might be hard for me. I am so blessed to experience the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth and to do so with no hardship.

10. My intellect. I am no genius but I am happy to have enough of a brain to know the importance of being healthy, to be pretty quick in most situations and to see all sides of things. I know my intellect was a gift of genetics and of being raised by caring, compassionate people and I am glad to have received such a gift.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A jammies kind of day

I am not sure that I will get out of my jammies today. My husband is gone ( he is at a weekend long blacksmithing course), the kids and I have no car, and it just feels like a jammies kid of day.

We started off the morning with a Dunkin Donuts ride with the husband before he left for the morning. I put a jerk chicken in the crockpot for tonight, we had a major dance party in the living room and now the kids are playing while I veg out here typing. This is all before 8:30 a.m. Not sure what we will do the rest of the day.

Liam has plans for fort building and hide and seek. I should mop the floor. I have some work to get done for Monday's class....but what I know for sure is that there will be a lot of silliness,probably pajamas, certainly some cooking and lots of snuggles.

I have gotten better at slowing down the pace of my life on days like today. I try to cherish the moment and just be a part of the day. That used to be really hard for me. I always needed to be doing something, planning my next move. The kids have taught me to let that go when the moment allows. It is cliche to say, but they do grow up so fast and if you rush around you miss it.

So today will be a lazy, slow-paced day of watching the kids just be themselves. I am looking forward to it and on that note...

we are off to build a fort.

Friday, November 11, 2011

2nd trimester, coffee and feeling good

I am up and at 'um this morning. It is 6 am here and I have returned from the gym and am feeling good.
I had a mini-battle with myself this morning because I have today off from work and really considered staying in bed. However, I wasn't really even tired and I new I would feel better if I got off I went.

I went 4 days this week. Two of which I did weight training and two of which I did cardio and stretching. I am in the 2nd trimester now (or at least I think, they keep changing my due date) and I am feeling good.

I have had a few fabulous blog friends had their little babies this week and another who is about to pop (or maybe she already has) and so I am going to start looking for some other fit pregnant mamas to follow because I need some inspiration. I am also happy to follow the journey of the new mamas as they get back into shape. Madeline at Food, Fitness and Family is rocking it at the gym just one month post-partum and I find her amazing.

I am psyched for a 3 days weekend, even though our car is in the shop and I have no way to get anywhere for the next few days. I think we are going to buy a "new" (used) car soon, which I hate going through...but will probably be necessary with 3 babies.

I wanted to share my faux frappacino recipe. I have had some serious migraine issues the first part of this pregnancy, as a result I started adding in some caffeine a few weeks ago to help keep the headaches away. The problem was, the thought of coffee made me want to die. I LOVE coffee when I am not pregnant, but my pregnant self has a huge aversion. The only thing I could think of that appealed to me was frappacinos from Starbucks. That, however, is neither waist, nor wallet friendly. Plus I needed to have the coffee early in the morning and I wanted to find a way to get a small meal in before the gym. So here was my solution.

The night before I made one small, strong cup of coffee (I have a Kuerig and just make the 6oz cup) and I place it in the fridge over night.
In the a.m. I add the coffee in the blender, along with the following:
1 splash skim milk
1/2 banana
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1/2 a large cup of ice (I use the chopped ice from my fridge ice machine)

Blend and enjoy. It is especially good with coconut coffee and it gives me some calories for the gym.

This is pretty much my daily breakfast and when I get home from the gym I eat a sprouted grain English muffin (Ezeikiel Brand) with natural peanut butter and the second half of the banana or other sliced fruit on top. It has kept me fueled and feeling good for the past few weeks.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

These days.....

I got an inspiration for this post from SouleMama, who happens to write the best blog EVER. I want to be like her if I ever decide to follow my real dream.


These days, this little girl:

is still trying to get away without walking. She can, but she doesn't much..why would she? Big brother gets her everything she needs.

These days, she is a bit of a climber and bumps her head a bit too much.

These days, she has a lot to say but her favoritete words are "Cowboy" (our dog) and "Beef" (her brother's words for passing gas...oh GREAT)

These days I cannot believe that soon there will be another baby and she will be a big sister, there is nothing "big" about her.

These days I am so grateful for getting to have a little girl, because the testosterone around this place can be overwhelming.

These days she has started to idolize her big brother. Her eyes light up when he enters the room and she follows him around as much as possible.

These days I am glad to be done nursing, but am sad that my baby likes to go in her crib with her dollie instead of rocking with me.

These days I am grateful that she is a much better sleeper than her big brother, because I am not sure I could handle two horrible sleepers.

These days Mr. Charlie is into shoes, Little Einsteins, her dollies, dancing to any hip hop music and climbing on the kitchen table.

These days she is even more beautiful, it's like her eyes are getting bluer and her dimples deeper.

These days I worry for her..that she will make my mistakes, make the wrong decisions but then I remember she has a daddy who will protect her, and a brother, and a mama too of course.

These days I wonder if I might have to pack up her little dresses, tights and sun hats for good because I am getting a boy vibe from this baby in my belly.

These days I relish the sweet sound of her baby voice saying "mama, I luuuuv yew" over and over until I pick her up and I try to give her as much one on one time as I can before she has to share her mama with yet another.

These day, Ms Charlotte is growing up too fast. Love you baby girl.

Check out how pretty our princess is (and of course how cute the rest of us are too) at our family picture link:

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A great week

YES!!! Finally a good week.

I am feeling about a thousand times better than last week. This alone makes it a great week, but some other good stuff happened too...

On the health front
I made it to the gym three times. Which is better than last week, when I went once. I actually had a decent workout or two and feel energized to get back on Monday. I actually would have gone more, but with Halloween on Monday, the earlier part of the week was a bit exhausting and I had a I didn't push it. Cold was gone by Tuesday and I was at the gym Wed-Fri morning.

I am also eating better. My nausea is not so constant and my aversion to some of my old favs is almost gone. There have been a lot more veggies this week. Today I am making a slow cooked Italian pot roast and red, garlic smashed potatoes...I am in a home cooking mood.  I will confess I did hit the Halloween candy a bit harder than I would have liked, but I chopped the rest of it up last night and baked it into brownies for the kiddos, so no more temptation there.

I have been debating if I want to share the pregnancy weight journey...and I have decided I will. Let me just explain that I am sharing this because I want people to see the reality of gaining during (what I hope will be) a healthy pregnancy. This is not for the same reasons as I was recording my weight before baby. I am NOT holding myself accountable because I know my body will gain what it needs to gain, and I hope that exercise might help me maintain a healthy gain. I gained around 30 lbs with my other pregnancies, which I was fine with. It would be nice if I could keep it under that number, simply because I intend to exercise more and eat better than I did...but I will gain what I gain and that is okay with me.

My starting weight on the day I found out was 136.5 lbs.
This morning I weighed 140.9 lbs at 13 weeks pregnant.

The good news is I weighed 145 lbs when I got pregnant with my daughter and about the same with my I am starting off at a better weight.

On the baby front
I had my NT scan this week, which is an ultrasound to check for genetic abnormalities. It was a lot of fun. The baby was more developed then I was expecting and the ultrasound was pretty clear. I also measured a week a head and I think they will be readjusting my due date. This put me at 13 weeks, and the tech was pretty certain based on babies size and development. He/ she was bouncing all around in there and I could feel it too. Even after two other babies, it doesn't get old. I had a boy vibe the whole time I was watching baby. I was thinking girl before, but my new guess is boy. The better best part is that it looks like the hematoma I had before has probably cleared up and that risk has diminished..wohoo.

All and all I am good and am happy to be feeling better. It is soo much easier to be excited when you feel good physically.