Saturday, February 4, 2012

Baby names, healthy choices, pigtails and workouts

One of the biggest lifestyle changes I made in the past year is that I have learned that most of the time the healthy, more wholesome and less processed version of any food tastes so much better.

Take my Friday night homemade pizza ritual.

I cannot tell you how much tastier it is to control the quality of my pizza. If you have ever ordered a pizza thinking you were going to get fresh veggies and instead you had a can of mushrooms dumped on top and a crust that probably contains a stick of butter, than you know what I can talking about.

My pizza includes a full bag of spinach, a full container of fresh mushrooms, 1 whole fresh tomato (instead of sauce with added sugar), fresh garlic and olives....YUM!
I really love fresh veggies and I feel sad for people who are veggiephoebic. I often wonder if they just don't know how to prepare them correctly.

Anyhow, I am really hoping to pass on these healthy eating habits to these cuties.....

They are always asking me to buy them prepackaged, sugary, processed crap (the damn boxes and commercials are sooo appealing to the 3 year old eye) and it can be difficult to say no. I admit, they have eaten more gold fish crackers than I would like and they have had plenty of other treats in the same category....but I am trying to influence their choices even more these days.

I will let you know how that goes. At least they like my pizza.

Speaking of my babies, I am loving that Charlotte can have her hair in pigtails now. What is it about baby girls and pigtails that is just so stinking cute? Love it!

I am looking forward to seeing what this next little girl will look like. My sister and I look nothing alike and I find it strange that two siblings can end up being so very different.

The great news is that we finally named baby girl. I didn't know if I wanted to share it with everybody but now that I feel 100 percent sure, I don't care who knows.

Our newest little lady will be
Vivienne Rose

I have loved this name for a while. I adore the French spelling and pronunciation which honors my French heritage and Rose was my great grandmother's name. But best of all it is not in the top 100, which is super important to me. The kiddos are already calling her "Vivi" so I am pretty sure it has stuck.

Pregnant life is still going okay. I am getting a lot bigger and have had to modify some of the workouts, but I still made it four days last week. I am doing 2 days of lifting and 2 days of cardio/ core with lots of stretching.

I still spend a lot of time on squats, lunges and deadlifts because I know these keep my lower half strong for carrying around this big belly.

I love the looks I get at the gym; some sympathetic, some concerned some just friendly. I just keep plugging away. I also wear these tanks sometimes:

I don't exactly look like this lady:

but I like the cute tanks and they are super long and keep the big ole' belly covered. Plus my picture was taken at that's my excuse!


  1. I love that Charlotte is eating topless...easy clean-up ;-)

  2. SUCH a cute name! I love it :) I also loved my "For Two" fitness tank while I was pregnant. I am definitely going to order more with baby #2 (whenever that is...)