Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pregnant chicks lift weights too

Pregnancy workout of the day....

15 minute arch trainer workout to get this big belly moving

3xs 10 squats on the squat bar with 20 lbs each side.

Alternating sets of
Shoulder press 3 xs 12 with 12 lb weights
Lat pull downs 3xs 10 with 50 lbs

Alternating sets of
Weighted step ups, with 2 15 lb weights
Weighted lunges

Alternating sets of
Planks with legs on stability ball
Oblique twists with medicine ball twist, 3 xs 15

Alternating sets of
Cable machine wood chop, 3 sets of 12 on each side with 20 lbs
Squats with 15 lb weight on reebok core board, 3xs 12

Followed by lots of stretching. I have to take tomorrow off because I am hurting...but am still happy to do some good lifting. I hope this strength pays off when I start my postpregnancy journey.

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