Friday, February 10, 2012

How green is your monster?

Mine is not so green these days, even though it has plenty of spinch and kale because my blueberries make it a purple monster. Since my stomach has been pretty great 2nd tri I have heen back to smoothie drinking to start the day.
I love starting with some version of green monster. My current fave has been as follows:
Spinach, kale, chia and flax seed, natural pnut butter, vanilla protein, strawberries, blueberries, banana, water and ice. I make enough for all 4 of us and it is so good...especially after a great gym session. I especially love that the kids (including the baby to be) get some extra veggies to start the day. We can never get enough green veggies.

Liam loves his smoothie

Today's smoothie came after a decent workout of
10 min arc trainer warmup
3xs 15 squats on an upside down bosu ball
3xs 12 lunges on bosu
3xs 12 seated rows w 50 lbs
3xs 12 squats with 20 lb bar curls as I squat
3xs 10, 8, 8 pull downs with 50 lbs
3xs 12 reps on seated leg press, 50 lbs

Followed by lots pf stretching because my back has really started bothering me.

And all of this is even better because it is FRIDAY........wohoooooo.

Happy weekend, I hope you had a good Friday workout and a fun-filled weekend.

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