Sunday, February 26, 2012

Real Men Rock Prenatal Workouts

As I mentioned before, my body is rebelling against pregnancy right now and I have had to rethink my workouts.
The last few days this consisted of walking, stretching and dusting off the ole' prenatal workout DVDs.

I did a lot of these when pregnant with Charlotte, and while they are not quite enough to stay in the kind of shape I'd like to be in....they fit my better than nothing mantra.

My favorite one is Summer Sanders Prenatal Workout
It is a decent toning, stretching and light cardio workout that gets your heart rate up a bit and has you use resistance bands.

You can select the trimester you are in and the workout length (60 or 30 minutes). I personally have never bothered with the 3rd trimester workout, it's a bit to easy. But the 2nd tri is a good little workout.

But the BEST part of all of this is that my cooperative, loving husband as agreed to do it with me. Only a real man can suck up his pride and do pregnancy workouts with their wife. This is one of many reasons I love this man. It is always great to have a partner in exercise and keeps me motivated.

I would love to post a photo of this, but the man does have his I will not be that mean. I actually think he was impressed by how hard he had to work.

So I am trying to figure out this new fitness routine and will be back to the gym tomorrow with a new's to hoping my hips don't fall off.

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  1. I do love doing my prenatal workouts with you honey. You're doing great! I love you.