Sunday, February 12, 2012

Oh hello third trimester, nice to see you again.

I have started the final stretch of pregnancy and am now in the third tri. This is where getting big takes on a new meaning and the excitement starts to set in. It is also where I start to freak out that I need to get crap done before I have three children to tend to instead of just two.

Everyone in the web world is answering the same list of pregnancy questions and since I have little else to say about life at this second I thought I would give them a go.

How far along: 27 weeks, 2 days
 Baby size: 2-2.5 lbs and 14 or so inches long...but I bet she is a bit bigger. My babies grow fast
Total weight gain: I am at about 20 lbs..hoping stay within 30 lbs total
Belly button: 3rd pregnancy=outie very early. The kids like to poke it and laugh
Stretch marks: I just have a few small ones from my second and they are the clear kind. I have good genes in that department
Maternity clothes: I am sick of them already. I had to buy a few more tops...but I hate the pants the most. They always fall off my butt. I try to wear dresses and yoga pants as much as possible.
Sleep: ehhh, it has gotten to that point where I wake up every 30 minutes either to pee or move the belly to the other side...but I am used to that by now.
Symptoms: As of last week I started to get heartburn before bed. I also have very sore crotch, legs and tailbone and veins in my legs that had better go away when I am done. By the way almost none of this happened with my first and have gotten worse with each baby.
Aversions/cravings: I eat a pretty healthy, well-rounded diet. I really think that helps keep cravings at bay. Like always I love good, healthy, veggies filled foods of all varieties and some occasional sweet stuff. My biggest indulgance is big weekend breakfasts, yum.
Best moment of the week: Probably buying two matching dresses, one is size 2T the other in 3 months for my two girls. I am really starting to know the joy of having two little sisters on my hands.
What I am looking forward to: I have a 28 week ultrasound on Wednesday to find out if my placenta has moved up. I am praying for good news because if it hasn't moved it may mean bedrest, no more exercise and/or a C-section..all of which I dread more than anything. It will be fun to see her little squirmy self no matter what.
Nursery Progress: Umm, we don't have anything done for that yet. We finally decided to buy another crib because Charlotte is so little and sleeps so well in hers and I don't want to push her out too early. We decided Charlotte and Liam will share a room, so Liam is changing rooms and we have ordered some furniture for him (bunk beds and a bureau). So when the furniture gets here we can probably set up a room for the baby. It will feel good to have something prepared a head of time.

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