Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weddings, babies, is my life over???

Okay, so I watched most of the royal wedding. At first I made many, many jokes about it and I really didn't care but then I realized...
We NEVER get to see live weddings. Unless we are there of course.

And I do love weddings, and dresses, and fancy ceremonies and big parties...and all that. It makes me sad that, that part of my life is over. Like SERIOUSLY sad. While watching the royal wedding I had flash backs to that time of my life and now it almost seems like a lifetime ago (and it is only almost 4 years ago).

I feel the same thing when I hear about one of my friends who is pregnant with their first baby. That level of excitment is unmatched by anything else in life (atleast I think). I was excited to have my second little one..VERY excited. But it certainly wasn't the same "unknown" excitment of our first.

I am pretty sure we are going to have one more child. So I know that I will feel the joy again. But I sometimes get borderline depressed that so many wonderful things have come and gone. I already know that whne I am packing up our last babies "baby" things I may just have a melt down.

Of course deep down I know there will be plenty of wonderful things to come. I cannot wait until our children have so many of their firsts (first day of school, first dance, first loves, etc., etc.)
But I just cannot believe that so many "big" things have already passed me by.

Don't Blink!!

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