Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday is almost Friday

I'd say I'm doing pretty good. I had a few days off from life in general when I had a horrible stomach bug...but otherwise I am happy about my healthy living.

My current weight is 135 lbs. This is 10 lbs less than the day I got married. When I got pregnant with both kids I weighed 145 exactly. 135 certainly feels much better.

Sadly my body is not what it was even when I was 10 lbs heavier. Thanks you small children. I think every woman wishes she could be in a bikini forever, but I guess I will take my two healthy, happy babies over my formerly flat and cute belly

I am still loving the gym. I am getting there about 4 mornings a week. I wish I could go more, but I have to share with the hubby. My gym is brand new and the equipment is really nice. I am especially psyched about the 2 arc trainers, one of the only cardio machines I believe can get me to burn about 300 calories in 30 minutes.

I wish I had some new recipes to post, but I have been lazy and making the same things. I will get on that soon.

The final thought that I will leave you with is:

What happened to our society?
I remember that when I was a kid, moms could really focus on raising their chuldren. Now I cannot think of even one friend that I have that can afford to take off any time from work to raise their babies. Now not only do we need to raise our chidren, but we need to work long hours in high pressure jobs just to survive. I wonder if all of this pressure on me to do a million things all of the time will somehow hurt my children. Sometimes I feel like I am juggling and I just don't want all of my balls to come crashing to the floor.

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