Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A good deal, for real.

You may recall my love for this bathing suit.

I really wanted it. But in my mommy world, spending 100 dollars on myself isn't very realistic. I end up feeling so much guilt when I spend money.

But I kept coming back to look at this one. I really wanted it, plus I really needed a new one.

So, for some reason ebay popped into my head. I rarely use ebay, but something brought me there.

Well guess soon as I typed in athleta bathing suit one of the first things to pop up was this exact suit, size medium, in brown (one of the colors I debated) for $29 NEW.

It came from China and had a slight defect in the stiching of the bottoms. I am guesssing it is a reject off of the line where the manufacture them. However, you cannot notice it at all and it is perfect.

I got it today and tried it on and it is everything I ever dreamed of. Seriously, I looove it.

My frugal self is just so happy. I got what I wanted for such a great price.

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