Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gym time

Well, I am officially the proud owner of a new gym membership.

I haven't have one in 4 years. I used to be a total gym rat. I worked at gyms and just loved being in a gym. Then I had kids and moved to a place where the gyms are expensive and pretty crappy, actually really crappy. I was spoiled. Before I moved here to be with the hubby, I lived in the city and worked short shifts at the gym. It was a crazy expensive gym, but since I worked there I had a free membership. They had top of the line equipment, the best classes and were just clean and new and nice. Not so much here.

I also just couldn't part with the money. I was basically pregnant for 2 of the past 4 years and breastfeeding for the other 2, and both of those things do not make working out easy. But I just feel like I need something for myself. My husband goes to the gym almost every day AND takes a 2 hour kick boxing/ martial arts class 3 nights a week. So needless to say, I had envy. I think if things are not balanced in a relationship, it can lead to once person feeling resentment. I wasn't resentful yet, but I could feel it creeping up.

So we scrounged up the money and I am starting tomorrow. I am mostly excited to have an hour to myself where I focus just on me. I love my kiddos, but I also know I am important too. I have to share with my we will work out a schedule where we alternate morning. This means waking up at 4:30a.m., which is worth it.

So yay for my new gym membership.

My next goal is to buy this bathing suit What do you think? I think it is a good balance between young and fun and mama of two and teacher of many students who frequent the beach (a.k.a strutting my stuff in a bikini is not gonna happen)

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