Sunday, May 1, 2011

Annoying gym rats

Okay, I know I have only been back at the gym for like 3 weeks...but I do feel qualified to comment on this due to the fact that despite a 3 year hiatus, I did use and work at a gym for about 5 years of my life and I do feel I know a lot about gym etiquette.

There are MANY things that annoy me about certain people at the gym. But the annoying, time-wasting gym rat is the WORST of all offenders.

This is the person who spends hours and hours a week at the gym when really they do very little exercising.
There is a guy at the gym every morning that I go. He is taking up space and really just annoys the crap out of me. He strikes up a conversation with any poor soul who looks his way or makes the mistake of walking anywhere in the gym without head phones.

Sometimes when I do circuit training I don't feel like listening to music. Yet I keep those headphones plugged tight into my ears because it is not worth getting trapped in a conversation by creepy gym rat guy.

He wanders around the machines. Sometimes he sits down and does a few reps of something. He never breaks a sweat EVER. He occasionally does cardio by walking on the treadmill. (People who pay hundreds of dollars to casually walk on a treadmill for 20 minutes are also among the people who annoy me at the gym). He often takes up a machine that I want to use but he is just sitting on it watching the TV or talking to someone. I mean yes, you should rest between sets...but 4 minutes of rest is unnecessary.

This guy happens to have a huge gut hanging over his gym shorts. Now normally I don't judge someone's body. Not everyone is thin and I totally get that. But this guy should be thin. He spends hours at the gym BUT he doesn't really do anything there. What the hell is the point??

I can be pretty dang lazy, but when I go to the gym I am going their to workout. I prefer that no one talks to me. I have exactly 1 hour of precious time to tone up and burn calories and I am pretty sure that I am good at this.

Now granted I am a little bit spoiled. First of all I had training as a personal trainer and I have the knowledge base to create workouts for myself that I like to do and that I know work for me. Secondly, after working for a gym for so long I have had access to all kind of equipment and over the years I learned how to use just about everything. I think a lot of people should invest in a trainer just so they gain confidence in how to use all the things a gym has to offer. And lastly I do not believe in wasting time. I hate wasting time and people like the annoying gym rat guy seem to have WAY too much time to waste.

I won't even get into the girls who do their makeup before going to the gym. Or the guys who grunt ridiculously loud when they throw weights around and do their lifting in ways that are super dangerous to their bodies.
The profiles are the same at every gym. I wonder what my profile is? Uptight, sweaty mom who rushes around like a crazy lady? Yup, sounds about right.

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