Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I think this is my fourth Mother's Day. I know that I usually ask to sleep in, which I didn't ask for this year..being that I have tried to reinvent myself into a healthier mama, I opted for going to the gym with my husband. My own mama was down and watched the kids. This year I got new running shoes!

It has been a laid back day. Nothing too exciting or unusual. I have just enjoyed my family, some good food and did some reflecting on my life as a mommy.

Being a mama has taught me......

That there is no preparing for parenthood. There is no perfect time and somehow you just figure it all out as you go.

That there really will be a lot less sleep and that just because they are no longer babies doesn't guarantee that they will always sleep. But you learn how to survive on much less.

That you should never, EVER allow any crayons, markers or paints into your home unless they are washable.

That every stage will pass. They won't walk down the aisle needing to be rocked and you shouldn't waste any time worrying that they will never get past a certain stage..because they will.

That it is okay to let the house go, because you only get so much time with your kiddos and you shouldn't waste it.

That your friendships will not be the same, especially with your non-childbearing friends because you are in very different places in your lives. You can still love them, but while they get dressed to go to bars you are scrubbing gunk out of the top of sippie cups...

That soooo many things become fun again. Like going to the zoo, or kicking a soccer ball or singing in the car. My kids allow me to be a kid again.

That if you even think you may some day have a son you should never put a heating duct cover anywhere near the toilet.

That you have tremendous worry ALL of the time and that you are somehow able to see an accident before it ever could happen. Like seeing a dangerous step at a playground before you even get out of the car and knowing your kid isn't going near it.

That at first you will swear that you could never, ever handle or want to be pregnant, be in labor, have a newborn, have a toddler again, but then all of a sudden you want more than anything to have another one.

That kids pick up on everything you say and do and so you better be the person you would like your child to be.

That boys are born to think poop, fart and penis jokes are funny, as are making songs up about said things.

That when they hurt, you hurt.

That everyone and their mother wants to tell you how to raise your kid and you shouldn't listen to any of them.

That each child is so different and that it can be easy to compare them when you shouldn't.

That being healthy and in shape is key if you want to be able to keep up with your kids because those little buggers are fast.

That if someone dare hurt your child it is human nature to consider killing them.

That girls are the calmer sex.

That humans have really hard heads because kids hit their damn heads A LOT.

That your relationship changes and it isn't always easy..but you need each other so much more.

That when all else fails and you haven't slept and someone poops on you and you look like is okay just to start laughing until you cry because it is funny and devastating all at the same time.

That life as you know it changes in an instant and changes dramatically again when you have more children because you are no longer who you were, but now a mother to a child who needs you and will continue to need you for the rest of your life.

I love my two children more than anything in this world. I always imagined having children, but there is no doubt that you cannot ever comprehend what it is like until you live it. Motherhood is hard and wonderful and fun and I know I am a better person because of what my little ones have done for my life.

Happy Mothers Day.

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