Monday, May 23, 2011

Clean Eats

I just haven't felt like talking food in a while, but I do still work pretty hard at clean eating. I still follow a weekly meal plan and am getting very excited for fresh veggie season. We will be planting our garden in the next week or so.

Here are some things I have been diggin' on lately-

Whole wheat cous-cous from Trader Joes. I love cous-cous, but hadn't found a whole wheat version. This one is good. What I like about cous-cous is that it picks up the flavor of all the veggies you put in it.

Natural Chunk Peanut Butter, the 365 brand from Whole foods
This is the best natural peanut butter yet. It only contains peanuts and salt. I love it melted on a mini-wheat bagel. I also melt it and dip frozen fruit in it.

Fresh Basil
I really could eat basil every day. I love it with tomatoes and mozerella, in any pasta dish and especially in pesto. Good thing I have some growing so I can eat it right off the plant

Speaking of pesto
If you take a head of broccoli, put it in the food processor, add some pine nuts and a few cloves of garlic, some basil and a little bit of olive have an ever better for you version of pesto that is fabulous as a pasta sauce.

I eat dried cranberries with a handful of raw almonds almost everyday. They are like grown-up fruit snacks.


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