Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The dreaded back to work schedule

It's almost here (although I am in a bit of denial). I am starting back at work next week. At least they ease us back in slowly. We are back Wednesday and Thursday and then we have a 4 day weekend and the kids officially start back on that Tuesday.

I like work, I really do. I like the challenge of it. I like getting to know a new group of kids. I like trying to improve my teaching each year. But I miss MY kids so damn much.

I also miss the flexibility of the summer schedule. During the school year everything is so rigid and our schedule is locked in.

I was just participating in a discussion on a health website I have joined. Everyone was discussing schedules and someone had asked if we could post a "day in the life" example of our week/ day so that they could see how everyone fits in healthy eating/ cooking and exercise in their busy life.

Some of the people seemed much busier than me. It is crazy how some people's lives are so complicated. I think I was somewhere in the middle. But what I liked is that everyone who responded said you just have to find the time to be healthy and make it a non-negotiable priority, just like brushing your teeth or washing your clothes.

Here is my typical schedule during the school year.


Up at 4:30am, let dog out, lace up shoes and head to the gym no later than 5.

Work out from 5-6am (MWF is weight training/ intervals, TuTH is cardio/ stretching)

Home by 6:05am, where husband is waiting to go to the gym from 6-7:15.

6:05-6:30 Feed the cat and dog and let them out, make breakfast and set up for kids, get work bag and lunch ready

6:30-7 Shower and get ready and PRAY the kids stay asleep. Its about 50/50 chance they wake up.

7-7:30 Get the kids dressed and teeth brushed, eat, husband gets home from gym

7:30 Get everyone in car, kids and husband drop me off at work (yup, we are currently sharing a car)

8-3 (M, THUR, FRI)
8-4:20 (TUES, WED)   Work

3-5pm on TUES and THURS, take Liam to Karate or wait to be picked up after karate is over.

as soon as we are home-5:30 Get dinner ready, dishes done, etc.

Eat by 6pm, but usually by 5:30.

6-7pm play with kids either outside, on a family walk, watching a show, reading, etc.

7pm- Start baths/ PJ's (On Tues, Wed, Thurs husband leaves for training at 6:30 so I do both kids...the rest of the week I only have to do one kid)

7:30-8pm (or 9 if it is a bad night with both kids) any combination of rocking, feeding, begging, bribing, reading to the kids to get them to be soundly asleep

8-9/ 9:30pm: any combination of the following: snacking, blogging, Facebook stalking, answering work emails, correcting mass amounts of essays, cleaning up messes, staring at the wall and enjoying silence, talking to my husband, watching TV.

9:30: Pass out in bed.

Midnightish: My darling daugher is STLL (at 14 months) waking up screaming to eat. The getting her back to sleep thing seems to take about 20 minutes.

Am I busy?, yup. If it sounds like an unusually crazy life, you probably don't have kids and might think pretty hard before you do...because I am pretty sure this is the average life of a regular mom.

On the weekends it isn't too much different, except that my husband works and instead of being at work I am taking the kids to activities, play dates, etc. I live for the weekends, mostly because my husband is home no latter than 5 both nights and we can both be there for the bedtime routine.

So if you are like me, and feeling bad about gaining a few pounds or not being perfect in every way...I recommend doing as I did here and writing out your typical schedule. It has helped me realize that I am doing all I can to stay healthy and that I cannot be too hard on myself, I am doing the best I can right now....and sometimes that just has to be enough.
So I am off to enjoy my last few days with a slightly less frantic schedule...thank the Lord for Summer Vacation!

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