Friday, September 2, 2011

Food, Work, Life

Before I say anything, let me start with some pictures of  recipes I have tried in the past week:

Sweet Potatoe and spinach Hash with Turkey Bacon, Poached Eggs and Cheddar Cheese

Grilled portabella mushrooms in balsamic topped with slices of tomatoe, mozerella and basil

Broiled Salmon with tomatoes and feta on top of Greek quinoa (quinoa, garlic, spinach, red peppers and greek olives)

Tilapia fish tacos with greek yogurt chipoltle

I LOVE food. If you would like any of these recipes, just let me know and I will post.
Someday maybe I will get a good camera so these pics don't look so bad.
I have not posted in forever for two main reasons-
1) I started back at work.
2) We live near the cost, which means we prepared for the hurricane (which was a bad tropical storm here) and we lost power and then the internet/ cable for a few days.
Starting a new school year is exhausting. I am going to have to really be disciplined if I am going to keep cooking and working out. So far so good. I am on workout sets 7 of NROLFW and I haven't slacked on that at all, which I do MWF.
The summer is over for me, but it was a good one. I am trying not to get down on myself about all the things I didn't accomplish during my weeks off, like the million lessons I should have planned, all the cabinets I didn't clean out and a less than stellar garden.
Instead I will reflect on what I did accomplish:
1.A killer tan
2. An amazing trip out West
3. Logging serious time in my beach chair
4. Getting Liam to love the ocean water.
5. Celebrating my baby girls first birthday.
6. Celebrating the engagment and wedding of great friends.
7. Growing some nice fresh herbs and tomatoes
8. Cleaning out my closet and donating 2 lawn bags full of clothes.
9. Teaching my son how to recognize letters.
10. And most importantly, spending some quality time as a stay at home mom.
Who cares if I never got to the bank to deal with our bank accounts? I had LOTS OF FUN!

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