Thursday, September 8, 2011

My new self and mommy moments

Hey there,

Remember me? The teacher, who went back to work and couldn't stay awake past 8?

Yeah, the first week back to work tends to take everything out of a teacher. I equate teaching to acting on stage for 7 hours straight and that spells exhaustion.

Not much has happened around these parts- my mom came to visit and it was amazing because she took the kids and I back to school shopping...which made things much easier on us and on our wallets (love you mama)
We had an okay start to school, minus the usual madness and drama associated with the start of the year.
My son is starting preschool tomorrow and I am so worried...Will he make friends? Will his teacher appreciate and know how to channel his energy and enthusiasm? Will people be nice to him? Is his backpack cool enough?
Can you tell this mom is freaking out a little? I mean he is MY baby...I want to world to know how fabulous he is and what if they don't? I mean they will, right?

Other than my emotional mommy feeling, things are going well.

I managed to work out every morning this week...even this morning when it was pouring and lightening out when I woke up.I have cooked every night and stuck to my meal plans.
My first week back to school used to be a huge moment of weakness for me. The old me would have certainly gotten takeout at least one night and most likely skipped the gym with the excuse that I was too tired and busy to make it. But the new me ignored the excuses and kept going. I have to say I am proud of my new self.

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