Sunday, September 11, 2011

Joe is my hero

Joe, of Trader Joe's is my secret lover...

I'm pretty sure he is not a real person, so I think it's okay to say this.

I made the treck to the big city of Hyannis. If you don't know Cape Cod, this is kind of a joke. Hyannis is not a big city, however it is the only place on the Cape with a mall and is where you have to go if you really need to buy anything. It also is home to a lot of trashtasticness, so I try to avoid it. BUT they do have a Trader Joe' I have to take a trip every few weeks.

Why to I love TJ's so much? Well back when I was a fat a$$ less healthy person, I loved it because I was lazy and they have great frozen food and premade stuff. Now I like it because you can get several clean eating staples for a fraction of the cost of other places.

I have blogged abou this before and don't want to restate everything I buy there.

However, I will mention a few things that are a bargain:
1. sesame seed oil
2. precut stirfry veggies (you get a lot of variety for the price)
3. preseasoned brussel sprouts (seriously, give them a try..I promise they are not what you think) a recipe will come later this week
4. whole wheat flour
5. premade, fresh salsa
6. organic apples
7. organic whole wheat pasta
8. organic, free range chicken breast
9. light organic string cheese
10. extra firm tofu
11. Raw Almonds and dreied fruit (VERY good price)

Good prices, healthy food and excellent-non-trashy employees= who wouldn't love this place?

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