Saturday, September 10, 2011

What I want...'cause yeah, I'm in a greedy mood

It's Saturday, the sun is FINALLY out and I am trying to figure out where to bring the kiddos today. I feel like I have to step up my game in the fun department because now my quality time with them is limited to the weekends. I don't want to become the forgotten parent.

I was just sitting here thinking about how I really want a Starbucks carmel machiato. I could easily drive off and get one, but I am really trying not to buy coffee on the go. This is probably my biggest weakness and I need to be good.

This got me thinking about what else I want that I don't currently have but also don't really need. My life wish list if you will.........

1. A larger, cleaner vehicle that can transport my kids, dog and other crap in a slightly classier way then my currently filthy, aging Ford Freestyle. I think I want a Pilot.

2. A fence around my yard. We have a beautiful, large yard but it is so open to everyone who walks by...including many of the neighborhood kids who I have had as students. Plus I would love if the kids, chickens, dog and cat would be contained in a fenced area. for now we are working on a privacy fence across the front...but it will be forever before we can afford one all the way around.

3. Another baby. I know, it is crazy...but I am starting to get baby fever again. I just stopped nursing my sooner than later would be nice.

4. Intensive, one on one pilates instruction 3 nights a week. Ha, I'll keep dreaming on this one.

5. A secretary at work. I can't even imagine what a fabulous teacher I would be if I didn't spend half my damn day doing crap that is pointless and does not have anything to do with the quality of education.

6. A tropical vacation in the winter during February vacation...because New England winters start to get intolerable right about that time.

7. A family day that included my husband at least one day a week. I miss him a lot.

8. A fully finished basement with a giant, padded playroom. Because rainy days with kids are no fun.

I think that is all. I mean, is it all really too much to ask? The good news is...a few of these are not totally unrealistic,,,so I will live for those!

What do you really want, even if you don't need it?

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