Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I just returned from day 2 of the lifting program. It was almost a no-go after my daughter decided to wake up as my fingers touched the doorknob while walking out the door. If you are a parent you know there is nothing more depressing than when you REALLY need to get something done and you are banking on your kiddos sleeping for a few more hours..and then all of a sudden you hear their "sweet" little cries/ voices. UGGGHH.
So after a falied attempt at rocking her back to sleep as I grumbled in the rocking chair, I decided to wake up the husband and run out the door. I mean you can't quit a program on day 2.

So I successfully did it.

Here is workout 2: stage 1:

15 minutes arc trainer warmup

2 sets of 15 Deadlifts with 10 lbs on each side of bar

Alternatine sets of:
2 sets of 15, Dumbbell shoulder press with 10 lb dumbbels
2 sets of 15 wide-grip lat pul downs 40lbs

Alternatine sets of:
2 sets of 15 (on each leg) lunges with 15 lb dumbbels
2 sets of 12 swiss-ball crunches

Now I am drinking my protein smoothie and dreaming of bigger muscles because I have to do something to block out the 3rd "Little Einstein" episode of the morning. Yes, I am letting my one year old watch TV so I can shoot me.

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