Monday, August 22, 2011

Damn you 4 lbs.

First off, I finally fixed my blog so anyone can comment. People have mentioned they wanted to comment on posts and could not. I think I have solved comment away!

I really need to do a health check in here because I am trying to step it up this last week before I go back to work.

I am now on the 4th phase of NROLFW's stage 1. I wont bore you again with the details, but basically I am still doing the same exercises, but with less reps and more weight. It has gone well except for a few mornings where a trainer at my gym seems to keep training woman using the exact equipment I need. I guess that is a good thing being that the he sees the exercises as valuable.

The only thing about this program is that I have been slacking off on the days I don't lift. You can only lift every other day, so I have stuck with Mon, Wed, Fri. I should still be waking up Tues, Thurs to do some good cardio, but ever since returning from vacation I am finding it hard to pull myself out of bed when I am not following the program.

I MUST change that this week because I am 4 lbs heavier than when I left for vacation. I do think about a lbs of that weight is muscle gain...but the other 3 is due to slacking and also due to a serious and passionate fling I have been having with frozen yogurt.

There is something about summer that just screams ICE CREAM and lately my husband has been on a "go for a drive and get a frozen yogurt" kick. And I have fully and willingly participated in each and every trip...which I am 100 percent sure is why I am up a few lbs. The thing is, my husband does some pretty serious training 3 days a week, plus he does physical work AND he goes to the gym. He CAN eat frozen yogurt. I am not nearly as active and cannot throw away a days clean eating with such a sugary treat.

So, I have thoroughly enjoyed my cones. I will not regret them at all...but since the scale has not budged downward since returning from vacation...frozen yogurt and I are officially broken up. Maybe we will have one last fling before the snow starts falling, but not until I have myself back to where I was.

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