Sunday, August 7, 2011

Big Goals

Well, as you could guess from my photos, I am back from vacation. It was a fabulous and exciting trip. We traveled a lot, had a lot of fun and I wouldn't change a thing. Now we are back to reality and I need to get back to my healthy living (which was VERY compromised on our trip) and it is time to set some new goals. So he is a list of my immediate goals in no particular order:

1. End my relationship with artificial sweeteners once and for all. I have settled on raw cane sugar to sweeten my coffee. Consuming artificial sweeteners goes against everything I believe in and the word Splenda will now be a swear word in our house.

2. Begin and continue following New Rules of Fitness for Women lifting program (starting tomorrow). I will let you know how it goes...should be interesting to start after 2 weeks of not being at the gym.

3. Eat less meat. After watching Food Inc and looking at my weekly menu, my husband and I have committed to reducing our meat consumption so that when we do eat meat, it is high quality and organic. I recommend every person get educated on how our meat is processed and treated. I LOVE meat, but I am disgusted by the chemicals and unethical practice surrounding the meat industry.

4. Buy more organic/ clean foods. I am determined to find a way to afford
as much local/organic food as possible. It is damn expensive to be healthy, but I am hoping if we cut down on the meat..It might free up some cash. This is coming from a person who dropped 250 bucks at Trader Joes today.

So wish me luck!
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