Saturday, June 4, 2011

If I had a million dollars....

I try to live in the here and now, I really do. But the military brat in my is always looking to the future and dreaming of living somewhere or doing something else. I really hate this about myself because I really thought that at this point in my life I would just be happy with where I am, especially after my husband built us such a beautiful house.

But I still think about my "dream" life. I think part of why I think about it so much is that really my dream is not ALL that unrealistic or extravagent and my husband has a very similar fantasy.

If money was no object and if some of our family didn't need us so much, here is what I would do:

I would buy a bed and breakfast or inn on a large farm in rural New England (probably Maine) with at least 25 acres. I would have huge organic gardens to grow the produce for the inn's breakfasts. At this inn I would hold special programs for families traveling with children. I would run activities for the kids during the day. We would have a house right on the property and our dog would wander around and greet people. I would raise Scottish Highland Cattle and would have a donkey. My kids would help with the business and animals and each would have their own horse. I would snow shoe and cross country ski all winter on our property and we would build our own semi indoor ice skating area. My husband would make original home decor items to sell and we would have a farm stand in the summer.The town we lived in would have one church, one store and everyone would know our name.

We would close down for 2 weeks in the winter and go on a family trip to some new place each year.

Ahhh, my fantasy life. Pretty simple right? Maybe someday.

What's your fantasy life?

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