Thursday, June 9, 2011

Health check in

My brother in law and nephew are staying with us this week, which is great...except for the fact that my eating was OUT OF CONTROL yesterday. They brought home pizza, I arrived home from work starving and I ate my face off.

I seriously felt sooo sick this morning. It felt like I had a bad hangover. Since we started eating clean I am not used to the extra sodium and carbs. It was so bad that I didn't make it to the gym..which isn't a good thing after a night of binging.

However, for the most part we have stuck to our healthy eating. We still go for frozen yogurt too much, but otherwise we are doing well.

I am holding strong at about 132lbs and hitting the gym at least 4 days a week. I feel stronger lately and have been lifting heavier weights. I even did some real (not girly) pushups the other day and I could NEVER do those.

I will be attempting to stop nursing my daughter in the next few weeks. My plan is to go back to calorie counting for a little while. Especially since the stopping of nursing coincides with me being done with work for the summer. I know I will need some help staying on track. I am going to do and see if I can keep my weight where it is. I will also try to workout getting to the gym at least 5 days a week.

We are going on a 2 week vacation in the middle of the summer and I know I need to go into it in really good shape so I don't fall totally off track.

Only other big healthy/ life related factor is that we need to face the decision of if we want to have a 3rd child...GULP. I am the worst at making huge decisions. We always said we wanted 3 kids...but the thought of doing this all over again scares me. Hmmmm...........................

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