Saturday, June 25, 2011

Oh sunshine, where are you?

Summer vacation has started. I am home with the babies and looking to embrace all things summer. You know like,
Sunshine and warmth
Long days at the beach
Cookouts with friends
Trips to the park
Kiddie Pools
Healthy veggies and lean meat grilled outdoors

Sounds great right? Well it has been raining and miserable here since Wednesday (my first day of vacation). It is now Saturday and I am 3 steps from lossing my mind. I do not do indoors with two kids very well. I have taken them to all possible indoor favorites: indoor play place, Children's Museam, Library, Friendly's.
I even walked around Petco and pretended it was the zoo.

I am out of ideas and the sun had best come out tomorrow.

The other major reason this weather is cramping my style is that I am eating too much. I am most definietly a boredom eater. As mentioned above, I even took the kids to Friendly's ( a kids restaraunt for the non-New Englanders) with a friend and her son. Needless to say, I did NOT order a salad. I keep opening the fridge and picking at things. This must stop!

Tomorrow is supposed to get better. We are off to see family and celebrate Charlotte's birthday. This will mean picnic food and cake. Monday needs to be a fresh start. Come on Summer, where are you?

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