Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why I teach...

I have 2.5 days of school left and I am overjoyed. Today was our end of the year field trip and I spent the day in the sun laughing with kids and other teachers on the water front in my bathing suit.

Teahing is HARD. It is seriously difficult for so many reasons. There have been so many days where I feel like I just can't do it anymore. But this time of year reminds you that it was all worth it. You get to say good bye to a group of kids that you have grown to love. It is like having a new family every year. We have our moments of joy, hate, sadness, anger, accomplishment...but in the end we end up missing each other as we float into the summer.

If it wasn't for vacation no one could teach. It is like hitting the reset button. But once again I find myself sad to leave these kids. They have challenged me all school year long, but there will be a hole in my heart when they walk out on Tuesday. I guess I will just have to heal that hole sitting on the beach all summer. Life is good!

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