Saturday, June 18, 2011

Babies do grow up...

Yup. It's true. Babies always grow up, and even though I do not love every second of the infant sure is sad when they grow up.

Ms. Charlie (Charlotte) will be 1 years old this week. I really can't believe it. There are just so many times when I say to myself...I cannot believe I have two kids!, let alone two kids, neither of who are babies.

It has been a crazy year. I had to go back to work 8 weeks after having her. My husband went from working 60 hour work weeks, to being a stay at home dad. We made some major lifestyle changes and had our struggles living on one income with one car. But we made it and I actually think we did a great job.

I feel pretty good about myself and am glad that I managed to make myself a priority without neglecting the needs of my kiddos.

I absolutely adore having a little girl. There is no doubt that the love between my son and I is special, but my Charlotte is my soulmate. She and I have a connection like no other. I love her equally to my son (obviously) but our love is different. She is a mini-me, while my son is my total opposite. I see Charlotte as a gentle soul. She is like a little butterfly and is so feminine and delicate. Of course I already worry about her. I don't want her to make my mistakes, or be the painfully shy child I was. I cannot even imagine watching her hurt, or knowing someday someone just may break her heart. My son is tough..he has been since the day he was born..Charlotte is not tough, but I hope that we will teach her to be strong.

It is hard not to channel your own insecurities onto your child, especially when they are the same gender as you. I will have to work on this. But for now I just know she has a great daddy to teach her how a man should treat her and a mommy who has a goal to be sure her kiddos will feel good about themselves and are allowed to get good at many different things so they have a place to draw confidence from.

I love you Ms. Charlotte. Please don't grow up too fast.

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  1. Aww, she sounds just perfect! Enjoy her first birthday!