Saturday, March 19, 2011

The skinny jeans are back

I really wanted to post a picture, but I just couldn't figure out the timer on my camera.

But my size 6, haven't fit in them since before I got pregnant, can't wear them when I even gain a pound skinny jeans are on today. I confess, they are cutting into my flesh just a tiny bit when I sit down. But when I stand up they are looking good.

My mom is down and has taken my son out for the this skinny jean thing is making me want to shop. I think the little lady and I need to at least get one new outfit a piece in celebration of mom's skinny jean accomplishment.

The scale is holding steady at 139. This isn't so bad considering the cake I ate for my husbands birthday and the fact that I have not worked out in some time.

Did I mention I am getting a gym membership on April 1 and starting to go 3 mornings a week (wohooo)? More on that to come. I am off to enjoy this warm day in my slightly too tight skinny jeans.

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