Monday, March 14, 2011



When I started my clean eating journey I decided that for me eating can be an experience. I love experiencing food.

I figured that although I want to try and eat  clean as much as possible, that I would not pass up a real foodie experience, even if it wasn't clean.

With that said..I had some seriously fabulous food experiences for my birthday weekend.

I would like to share some of my favorite weekend cheats here:

1. Lots of Cheddar cheese fresh off the line when we toured the Cabbot Cheese factory

2. One strawberry cheese cake ice cream cone on a chocolate covered sugar cone from THE Ben and Jerry's factory. FABULOUS!

3. Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies at the inn

Some fabulous breakfast faves from the inn were:
strawberry cream cheese stuffed french toast
homemade wheat bread
cream cheese and chive scrambled eggs
homemade cranberry and white chocolate scones

And my worst cheat of all (and the tastiest thing ever):
A sandwich called "Main Street"
A white bulky roll with grilled turkey and melted Swiss cheese, homemade coleslaw and thousand island dressing. YUMMMMMMMM

Sometimes it is so good to be bad.

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