Tuesday, December 28, 2010

An okay kinda day.

I had a decent day, considering it is FREEZING outside and we couldn't do much and I am on day 3 of potty training bootcamp with my son, which is stressing me out and requires constant efforts, not to mention the bribery candy I have in front of my face that I use to get him to the potty (friggen M&M's).

Today's exercise:
-25 minutes on elliptical (it should have been 30, but Charlotte decided to wake back up)
-20 minutes kick boxing/ ab circuit/ running around with Liam/ Jumping on his trampoline with him. This was really fun. We cranked up the tunes in the basement and ran around doing circuits together, using my husbands punching and kicking bags. Charlotte sat in her bouncy seat laughing her head off at us.
We would have done more had it not been for the fact that in a matter of 3 minutes, Liam ripped his kids size punching bag off the ceiling, peed in his pants and head butted me so hard that I split his lip and thought I may have knocked his front teeth out. Then he had a 10 minute crying session, and that was that.
All in all getting a 20 minute workout in with 2 kids in my care was pretty good.

I put both kids to bed (Mike is gone for his boxing class) and fought the urge to sit down. That is when I did the elliptical. Putting Liam down is about the most unmotivating thing ever. I lay in his bed for sometimes over 30 minutes, reading books, singing and waiting for him to nod off. Getting on the elliptical after this was a true accomplishment.

Eating went okay today.

For breakfast I had a smoothie and coffee.

I had a handful of almonds and some dried cranberries and apricots for snack.

For lunch I had one can of tuna with melted provolone and a handful of pretzels.

For dinner I had 8 pieces of spicy tuna roll sushi and some mixed seafood in light olive oil (muscles, shrimp, octopus).

I ate 4 of Liam's pottytraining M&M's because I felt a huge sweets craving coming on. Then I stopped with the M&M's when I remembered my weight and instead ate a sliver of cranberry flavored goat cheese and pretzels.

Not such a bad day. I am pretty happy about it. I am going to stretch and do abs before I go to bed because if I don't I will sneak back into those damn M&M's.

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