Sunday, December 26, 2010

A need for change

I have just figured out that all though I have had a great couple of years (beautiful babies, marriage, house, dog, etc.), something bad has happened to me. I can officially confess that I am full of shit.
Not in every way of course. Normally I am a pretty honest person. Yet in the past year I keep lying to myself. I constantly talk about exercise, health, healthy eating, etc. Yet since I had my second baby, Charlotte, I have been talking the talk, but not walking the walk.

I am less than 3 months away from the 30th birthday, and I feel fat, gross and lazy. I need time, I need energy, I need to make less excuses and I need to get my fat ass moving. So this is public delaration that I MUST get my crap together and start walking the walk. I will be a hot mom who turns 30 in her skinny jeans.

Charlotte turned 6 months old as of yesterday and this means I an no longer allowed to use the wonderful "I just had a baby" excuse. I am still 10 lbs away from my prebaby weight, but more important than the numbers is the fact that I do not feel good about myself.

So you need to hold me accountable. I weigh 154 lbs and I did not exercise today. Tomorrow will be different.

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