Friday, April 27, 2012

38 weeks vs. 24

38 weeks
24 weeks

38 weeks, different angle

What do you think? Belly on the left, this morning in my
38th week. Belly on the right, same shirt, different color/ pattern at 24 weeks.

I'd say I have grown.

I am still weighing in around 168 right now and am getting to that "I am done" point, mostly due to the lack of sleep.

Next week is my last week at work (if I make it) and I hope I last so I can tie up some loose ends and leave on a perfect/ organized note.

My students had a surprise baby shower for me today. It was very thoughtful and included a very large gift certificate to one of my favorite healthy places....Trader Joes. I am lucky to have 89 wonderful young people who have been on this journey with me. It is the sense of family that seems to happen on my teaching team that reminds me of why I love my job.

So what could be a better way to kick off my post-baby weight loss/ healthy living adventure than by stocking the house with healthy Trader Joes favs!
That will be on the agenda for the weekend, along with a lot of cleaning, baby gear finding and putting a few new things together.

I am very excited to meet this little lady, to get my body back and to begin living life as a family of 5.

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